Public Speaking

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Everyone hanging on your every word.

I’m Bodei Brouwer and I’m a Corporate Storyteller specialised in public speaking. I help you make sure that whenever you’re on stage, the audience is hanging on your every word and will remember your story afterward.


Why storytelling?

Storytelling will add passion and emotion to your pitch, presentation or talk. It will make your audience feel something. Emotion makes them care.

What do you learn?

You will learn how to create a captivating story no matter what the subject. You will learn how to be an enthralling speaker no matter what the audience.

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Why Bodei?

I have over 20 years of stage experience. My approach is theatrical because people enjoy going to the theatre. I don’t see why the same principle wouldn’t apply to a professional speech.

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Storytelling is about so much more than telling stories.


“Bodei is an outstanding storyteller who does a phenomenal job at sharing her knowledge and experience with others.”

— Brett Gonzenbach