Become a Storyteller


OR - Operation Story Time: for teams

Invite me into your team and I’ll leave a group of storytellers behind at the end of my visit. I’ll train your team in my methodology The 5 Ingredients of an Intoxicating Story. My workshops can last anywhere between 3 hours and 5 days.

I’ve taught scientists, artists, economists, entrepreneurs and developers about storytellers.

Are you sick of having to sit through long, boring and tedious presentations? Do your team and yourself a favour and let me turn you all into storytellers.

Intensive Care: all the personal attention

Do you want to have everyone hanging on your every word and remember your story after all? You should!

I can help with that. Together we work on your storytelling skills in a number of Skype sessions. I will teach you all about The 5 Ingredients of an Intoxicating Story and give you all the personal attention you deserve.

First aid: for one specific talk

Do you have an important talk coming up or is there a presentation you do regularly? Talks like these deserve a director. I have loads of experience finding the spark that will turn a boring or mediocre talk it into an enthralling story.

I’ll guide you through the writing, constructing and delivery of your story.