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Show, don’t tell; A storyteller’s best friend.

“Tom’s fingers were trembling. His eyes followed my glare to his hands. He jerked them behind his back. Much better. After three tries the question finally came out: ‘Would you… Like, you know. Maybe, some time, have a drink somewhere. Like, with me, I’d be there too.’”

“He was very nervous, that was obvious. Asking me out was really scary to him.“

Let me introduce you: show vs. tell.

A Smashing Introduction

You want your audience to eat up your story from the moment you open your mouth? Of course you do! The right introduction can make all the difference. Do you sound interesting enough to keep listening to? The goal is to get people to just want to know more, ask more, hear more when you introduce yourself. You’re in luck, I have a solid Intro Template for you.