Happy Clients

Bodei makes storytelling and pitching look easy as she does exactly what she preaches and seems as natural as anyone can be in front of a crowd.
— Yuval Engel

What a fresh and inspiring workshop and personality! It was interesting to see how her audience was following her words and participated in her actions - it was a refreshing and fun experience. 

If you really want your company to evolve by storytelling you should hire her! Not just her cute colourful dresses will fresh up your workplace - no - its her appearance, her style, her positive energy and her experience!

— Søren Thielcke

Bodei is an outstanding storyteller who does a phenomenal job at sharing her knowledge and experience with others. She breaks down very simply both the principles and specific methods behind why stories affect people the way they do. Bodei's guidance has been able to impact my storytelling in a major way professionally and personally. Very grateful for all your help, thank you!

— Brett Gonzenback

So much valuable insight from Bodei - an hour with her may just change your life! It's obvious she has spent a lot of time crafting her course materials and the whole thing feels very refined. Her passion shows through, and as you would expect - any time she opens her mouth, people take notice!

Really looking forward to working with her again in the future. I don't think people realise just how much they need her help. If everyone did this you'd never participate in another boring conversation as long as you lived!

— Sam Bragg

For a long time I've been struggling with public speaking, that motivated me to assist to one of Bodei's storytelling presentations. I had a wonderful experience and a lot of fun, just as she teach you, I was hooked from the beginning of her presentation. The follow up workshop was just as great as the first one, the Five ingredients of an intoxicating story has a lot to offer, I highly recommend it.

Now I feel more confident when I have to pitch my business to our users and clients. It really helped me, thanks!

— Isaac


Workshops with Bodei made me realize how versatile and important the storytelling skills actually are. The skills I learned are useful not only in public speaking and presenting my work, but are useful in everyday life conversations, introducing yourself and simply affect how you engage with people around you. Because every time we speak, whether it's related to work or to shopping for groceries, it's up to us to decide how we are going to deliver the message, and that will make the difference whether or not people will listen.

I took an intro to Storytelling with Bodei and loved it so much, that decided to take the follow up "Five Ingredient" workshop with her as well. I loved them all! I learned so much, met lots of new wonderful people, and had ton of fun! I can't recommend it enough.

— Asia Pelc

Bodei is a legend in her own lifetime. From the first moment she walks in she makes people experience a story, and after all their own story. Bodei incorporates power and charm, sticky language and expression. In her workshops and training she greatly combines challenge and safety. She provides people both concrete handles and inspiring food for thought. With her approach she is able to reach one’s most creative and confident self.

— Yaël Duinman

Bodei gave a short workshop during the Snelkookweekend organized by the HvA Minor Ondernemerschap. During the limited time assigned to her, she was great in making us clear what a pitch is about.
Later on she gave some personal feedback that really helped met to improve my pitch. And not only that: she was even great in making me clear why I should make some adjustments.
Beside that Bodei is a really fun personality. 
I, as a teacher did not only improved my skills, but have been helped in improving the skills of my students.

Thanks Bodei

— Theo roos

Bodei makes storytelling and pitching look easy as she does exactly what she preaches and seems as natural as anyone can be in front of a crowed. She is full of helpful tips and creative ideas and can spot the twinkle that will turn another boring startup pitch into a flashy fairytale. Her pitching workshop with my student entrepreneurs was engaging and her approach to the process was just as helpful as the workshop itself.

— Yuval Engel